Is Wingtask server down?

Sync hasn’t been working for me today with the error message “Handshake failed. Error in the certificate. Sync failed. Could not connect to the Taskserver.”

I’ve also been unable to access my tasks with the and am presented with a screen showing:
"# Apologies, an unexpected error just occurred.

What happens now?

Visit the WingTask forum and open a new topic in the Support section.


It’s possible the error is a slight momentary hiccup and you might try the operation again. The best way to do do this is by refreshing the data which is kind of a reset button.


If you want more direct help email me at and I’ll work with you to get this error fixed."

Any info/help would be appreciated.

Hi Yes, WingTask has a certificate problem that I’m working to resolve sorry for this issue. Fix coming.

Hey the app should be back up. I apologize for the downtime which was like a few days.

The reason it happened is that the Secure sockets layer cert for the site expired. The SSL cert is pretty bog standard for any website these days and it ensures that when you sync your tasks with the server, your tasks are encrypted and not readable between anybody and the server, (for example your Internet service provider can’t read them). The certs have expiration dates and must be periodically renewed.

WingTask gets certs through an entity called “Let’s Encrypt”. Let’s Encrypt supports the ability to automatically renew certs by just running a script that attempts to renew the certs daily and if it needs to be renewed then it’s renewed or else nothing happens. In theory this is awesome, in practice I’ve found it hard to make it work right because renewing the certs requires authenticating that you are the domain owner somehow. The problem is not with Let’s Encrypt, the problem is that I’ve yet to configure the infrastructure correctly so that certs renew happen when they should. I’m still working on it.

Also my cousin showed up with her kids to Bangkok last week and I’ve been busy being a tour guide as well so there was a delay in response.

The good part is you can sync now and everything should be working okay.